The Benefits of Traditional Marketing in the Digital Age

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

When marketing a new business, it’s easy to get swept up in focusing your efforts on digital marketing. We’re all acquainted with the bountiful benefits of impressive digital marketing strategies now, as it’s quickly become the best and fastest way to reach a potentially infinite audience when done well. However, there are also several benefits to traditional marketing.

What many businesses forget is that physical, traditional marketing methods should still be the cornerstone of your campaigns. Getting local and word of mouth business is still a strong way to drum up interest and shouldn’t be overlooked.

We’ve listed the best ways to utilize traditional marketing methods for your business. This will make the best of both worlds in an increasingly digital age.


Lovingly created brochures and catalogs are still a great way to layout all your products and services. In a way that people love to flick through. They aren’t produced as much nowadays, so getting to look through one is somewhat of a novelty!

You can professionally publish on high-quality glossy paper for the best effect. Make sure you have a brilliant graphic designer on hand to lay them out beautifully for you.

If they are produced to very high standards and include professional photos & articles, you could charge per copy.

Business Cards

Giving out business cards to people you meet will never go out of fashion. Keep some on you at all times – you never know who you’re going to bump into! Ask if you can distribute some in local shops and cafes for customers to help themselves to and pin them up on public notice boards. You’ll find that people in your community will find out about your services much faster with the more places that you advertise.


Stickers are an endlessly fun way to market your business, especially if your target audience is young people. Providing stickers at events and in-store instantly makes your business stand out! They are also incredibly cheap to produce. You can give them out anywhere and people will spread them – everyone loves sticking stickers!


In the same way, distribute and deliver flyers. Post some through a few letterboxes in your area to alert people of your location. Keep these small and complete with clear relevant information. Print on both sides of a small piece of glossy printer paper.


You should think about how to advertise in the real world. Do not write off some avenues for being too old-fashioned; they probably still have a more impressive reach than you suspect.

  • Radio still commands a huge audience, especially from the older generations, whom generally have more disposable money than most other demographics. If you can place an ad on a local radio station, take advantage of this method of broadcast marketing that will present a very big opportunity for your business.
  • Billboards are still very effective for advertising. Consider both the traditional printed kind and the newfangled digital advertising billboards in larger cities that scroll between advertisements. People are instantly attracted to moving advertisements, so these digital billboards are great for grabbing people’s attention on the streets and ensuring your business stays present in their minds.
  • Newspaper ads are very lucrative – target the nationwide papers or stick to local advertising spaces to see rewards from both.

Word of Mouth

Get your word of mouth marketing going with some clever campaign tactics. One of the best ways to do this is to develop a signature slogan – something short, snappy, humorous and quotable. Think of Nike’s ‘Just Do It’, possibly the most effective marketing slogan of all time.

Positive word of mouth about your business goes hand in hand with amazing customer service. People will instantly spread a negative experience they’ve had with a business, shop or service – make sure you have policies in place to sensibly deal with customers’ problems and have a brilliant customer service team at the end of your phone lines with impeccable people skills.

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