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How Are Emerging Technologies Changing Android App Development

Smartphones have become indispensable in our lives since they were introduced less than a decade ago. Constant updates and technological innovations have turned them into personal computers capable of transferring data, facilitating purchases, and much more. It has led to an unprecedented rise in android app development. The OS currently owns the lion’s share of the smartphone market and powers most of the available devices.

Entrepreneurs are building mobile apps to improve their market presence, relying on Android app development services from reputed companies. Such companies provide the perfect combination of user trends and the latest tech innovations.

This blog explores some of these technologies and how they are impacting Android app development.

Latest Technologies Shaping Android App Development

There are many factors behind the rising number of Android devices and users. Affordability is one such factor: lower costs of Android smartphones encourage users to choose this platform, increasing Android users. 

The mobile app market is also growing to accommodate rising customer expectations. At the same time, every Android app development company aims to keep up with the current market demands and technology trends, evolving itself in the process.

Let’s look at the trends that are significantly influencing Android app development:

Instant Apps

The modern customer doesn’t want to waste time with the tedious process of downloading and installing applications in the store. Instead, they want access to the mobile apps they are interested in quickly and easily.

Here’s where instant apps come to the rescue. Android instant apps are the ideal combination of native mobile and web apps. They offer a smaller API size that downloads more quickly and facilitates convenient use.

Android App Development Security

The growing market for Android apps and devices also attracts hackers and various bad actors. Naturally, security’s a top concern for business owners and users, who want to protect their sensitive data.

Several Android app development services work to follow the constantly improving app security standards. They successfully implement the latest technological practices, such as enforcing multiple security layers for protection against intruders.

Mobile Marketing

Companies are using mobile apps to increase brand value and reach out to more customers worldwide. These apps are, therefore, turning into key strategies for mobile marketing.

Since android smartphones and apps are increasingly popular, businesses can tap into Android app potential to boost revenues tremendously.


The Android application development platform facilitates migration to the Internet of Things (IoT) for building various applications. For instance, several companies can monitor and track interconnected items and vehicles as part of their supply chain management processes.

The use of such apps allows business owners to obtain updates and information. Consequently, it allows them to take proactive measures before the situation deteriorates.

Augmented And Virtual Reality

The Android community embraces technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and more for better user experiences. An Android app development company also aims to create more effective applications for its clients.

In addition to better browsing, gaming, and shopping experiences, these apps also help users enjoy their time on the platform. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be enhanced with other technologies, such as Blockchain.


Firebase is another exciting technological trend that provides much-needed flexibility in Android app development. It does this by enabling seamless operation and excellent app performance across various platforms.

Firebase apps can be used for Google cloud messaging – also known as Firebase Cloud Messaging – and analytics.

Mobile Enterprise Andoird App Development Platform

Managing cross-platform apps efficiently is an advantage of the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform. Also called MEAP, this platform is proving a boon for Android app development companies.

They not only facilitate the deployment and building of apps but also allow developers to create apps. The resulting mobile applications are consistent across multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and more.


Fabric is a modular mobile platform that enables the effective management of analytics, relying on Google for crash reporting. It also makes it easy for developers to build great apps like Twitter. Google took over Fabric in 2017, which proved useful for the average Android app development company. Analytics has already been in demand; this acquisition has increased its convenience.

Artificial Intelligence in Android App Development

Mobile app development is a process where AI plays a vital role. This technology is one of the biggest players among Android technologies. It allows developers to create more personalized experiences for users.

Machine learning algorithms, predictive analysis, and machine learning algorithms are part of the growing list of technologies expected to be used to develop various apps in the future. Developers of Android apps can provide users with a more customized experience in this manner.

Various AI features are already being incorporated into apps, including face detection, speech recognition, image classification, etc.

To Conclude

Incorporating new technology has become the norm in Android app development services.

Among the most in-demand apps in the next few years will be Augmented Reality-based apps and apps incorporating Artificial Intelligence. App developers for Android also need to stay on top of these technological advances to maintain the quality of their apps. Wearable devices would especially benefit from these apps.

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