how startups can get the most out of linkedin

From my experience, Linkedin is one of the most powerful social media platforms for marketing. It can actually be much more effective than other platforms because of the professional environment and networking factor. Linkedin is solely used to connect and build professional relations with individuals from all over the world. Hence, when you market the content you can target professionals who will surely be interested in reading about your business and gain more exposure.

If you are thinking to market your business using LinkedIn then this article is for you. These 10 points will help startups get the most out of Linkedin and gain exposure to your business.

Your Profile should be completed

Just like any other social media network you need to create a profile for LinkedIn as well. In order to achieve maximum results and benefits, you must fill in all the steps to create a professional and interesting profile. Your profile is your first impression when other business owners come to your profile they will judge your business by your profile. A complete, professional, and interesting profile will always stand out.

Customize Your Website

Linkedin allows you to customize how your company website can appear on your profile. A simple call to action can attract more attention and people to click on your links.

Make Connections

At the current moment, there are approximately 130 million users that are on LinkedIn and it grows every day. You should connect and network with almost everybody on LinkedIn as it can provide you with an excellent tool to find new customers or help you to promote your business.

Join Business Related Groups

Just like Facebook, you can join professional and business-related groups that consist of thousands of like-minded professionals. By joining these groups you can post information about yourself / business or even post content that is relevant to the theme of the group. This will allow you to communicate with other people, make additional connections and start up a good conversation.

Include Company Profile

Your LinkedIn profile will also allow you to provide your company message and products in the company profile section. You can submit videos, detailed information on the company – services, and products you offer to customers and you provide any other type of information that would help promote your company.

Create Interesting Profiles

I have noticed that many LinkedIn profiles are quite dull and boring. Most people are way too serious as they think it’s a professional platform so you have to be serious. That can be true to some extent but create a profile that gives a bit more of a human touch rather than a corporate robot. You can post videos, pictures, motivational quotes that may inspire someone.

Recommend Other Professionals

It’s always good to speak to new members who you have connected with as you never know they might be useful for your business in the long run. It is also a good practice to recommend other professionals to people who may be looking for professionals to connect with or who are looking for a specific service that your connection provides. This is good karma as it can help benefit you in the long run.

Use Social Media Platforms to Connect

You should always connect your LinkedIn account with your Facebook and Twitter account. This way when you share content on LinkedIn you can also share it on your other networks. This will save you time from posting on each platform and keep your message fresh on top of people’s minds. Utilize the free marketing resources social media has to offer.

Optimize your Search Ranking

People like to connect with other professionals and are always searching for them in the search areas. Make your profile visible and optimized so people can find you on the search results. This will help increase views to your profile, get new clients and connect with other people.

Use Advanced Applications

You can use a variety of applications within LinkedIn that can help you better promote your business. Linkedin has recently started Pulse which allows you to post articles, content, etc about anything. Once it is posted everyone in your network will get a message saying that you have posted an article to Pulse. It is an extremely easy and useful way to promote a new product or service you are about to launch and will also help get your customers engaged.

Using LinkedIn correctly can help extend your reach, so follow some or all of these tips and you’ll be sure to see results. One final tip — ensure that you have a professional-looking picture, preferably a headshot, as we all judge at first sight.

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