Introduce yourself and tell us about Verloop?

Verloop is an emerging conversational automation platform that helps companies to inculcate chatbots within their company framework. We not only deal in simplistic chatbots but also dove into providing WhatsApp chatbots. Chatbots are computer-generated programs that help in automating responses to pre-determined questions and basically understanding the probability of a set of questions that will be asked by the customer.

We began in 2016 where we had a “eureka” moment in understanding how conversational platforms are the “in” thing. Our startup helps companies to focus on integral tasks which require more weight. Therefore, menial and mundane tasks such as lead generation, lead qualification, customer support and various other tasks which can be automated can be easily taken up by the bot. This way, the employees of any organization will be able to focus on integral tasks and not get overburdened by repetitive tasks.

What led to your interest in starting Verloop?

We were a concierge startup wherein our business model was business to customers. Verloop was created because we identified a challenge; the business owners or the team members weren’t able to converse with the customers, thereby lacking a personal touch. We switched our business model from business to customers to business to business. This led to the start of our chatbot platform. Through our chatbots, we are able to bridge the existential gap between the customers and the companies.

What is your unique selling point?

Our Unique Selling Point is the fact that we are able to provide a seamless experience for the customers and companies through the means of chatbots. We have divulged into simplistic chatbots as well as WhatsApp chatbots. We help in providing conversational platforms to the companies which further allows them to automate various functions that will in-turn reduce their workload and also allow more weight towards integral tasks or activities.

What sacrifices have you made to become a successful entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is not a cakewalk as you think it is. It has its own setbacks and challenges that you have to face. At the initial stage, we need to give our all to make sure that we have established funds, competent human resources. At the initial stage, it is important to have our sole focus on our budding company. It is definitely a strenuous job at the blooming stage, but once all our premonitions are set aside, any entrepreneur will have a brilliant model in their hands.

How are you currently marketing and promoting Verloop?

Social media is a stronghold for us in terms of marketing our data. We use Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with your audience. Provide timely content on our social media platforms to keep our viewers constantly updated about our company.

Our website has a blog section where we constantly post and share any relevant blog piece that would be beneficial to our readers/clients. We manage our videos on Youtube, LinkedIn, and Twitter as well.

We have managed to reach out to various magazines to do a profile on our emerging company. You can take a look at our recent publication covered by Analytics India Magazine- the leading magazine in AI, here

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

I think it’s highly important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve through the means of your startup idea as you will be the medium to communicate your initial ideas to your coworkers. It is highly essential to be cognizant with what you plan on pitching so that the people are also on the right path.

What have been your most satisfying moments in business?

Our recent launch of being a third-party provider for WhatsApp chatbots to other companies has seen a huge uprise. We have successfully managed to get various clients onboard with respect to the above proposition. Moreover, when we received investment from various platforms such as the IFDC Parampara Fund we became more deterred on our goals and how we must tackle the obstacles and achieve our goals collectively.

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