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What Do Modern Consumers Expect From Online Marketing

You’re probably pretty adept at ignoring online marketing. You’ve had to do so since you were a child. After all, you probably can’t remember every single television ad, radio jingle, or magazine spread designed to sell you something. You’ve likely seen dozens of these, if not hundreds, this week.

Marketers have to continually figure out ways to not only present to you the essential information they wish for you to know, but how to allow that exposure to actually penetrate, as it’s never guaranteed to do so.

What do modern consumers even expect from online marketing? If we ask this question, we can seek to better overcome their tendency to scroll away from advertisements. 

You can use a service like to initiate a new marketing strategy. Take the leap and bet on the success of your own content channel, even though that’s in no way guaranteed. With the following tips, we hope you’ll enjoy better results no matter what you choose:

Interaction & Incentives

It’s good to have interactability as a core component of your online marketing. When running a social media ad, consumers that are interested expect to click that ad and gain clear access to a landing page, order form, or even more information to verify you are a trusted retailer with a clean website. In some cases, this specific interaction focus can help you add a value-added proposal, such as a promotion for those who follow a specific social media link. All of a sudden, you’ve incentivized the customer to come and check out your product library.

Ease of Access

Consumers tend to value their own time, and this goes double when using a device designed for conveniences like a smartphone or desktop computer. This means they don’t want to have to fight just to see your content. 

Making sure the video aspect ratio looks good on screens you present it to, that the sound is correctly balanced, that subtitles are available for those seeing your advert spot on mute, and ensuring you fit neatly on the timeline is key. You may also ensure your own social media pages are ‘hubs’ of how you deliver content and offers, making followers incentivizes cleaner to access and more rewarding over time.

Clear Formatting for Online Marketing

Clear formatting is absolutely key. Keep the font simple, your images well-sized, and your clickable icons or images clearly interactable. 

It’s why a website that has a clear header, search bar, and footer links can be so easy to navigate. You don’t have to hide everything behind menus or make your visitors work to move around. Clear formatting and giving the user autonomy, such as immediately clicking from your advertising content to seeing the technical spec sheet of the tech device you’re selling is so helpful.

If you notice how Apple presents its product pages. All they require is for the user to scroll down, and images come and go. This showcases various angles of the phone and features worth knowing about, with brevity always to hand. Emulating that kind of approach is never a bad idea.

With this advice, you will easily understand what your consumers require from online marketing in 2022 and beyond.

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