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4 Ways to Take Your Janitorial Business to the Next Level

Once your janitorial business is up and running and you are establishing a solid reputation amongst your customers it is only natural to explore ways to use that solid foundation to build the business up and take it to the next level.

There are a number of key ways to enhance your professional reputation, such as deciding to get more insurance information so that you can demonstrate to customers that they can trust you to cover a potential claim, plus provide them the reassurance that you take this aspect of service seriously. Here are some points to consider that could help you to grow your client base and expand your janitorial business.

Use Your Current Customers as a Springboard

There are two main ways to tap into that rich mine of business that is on your doorstep, in other words, your existing customers.

You can encourage them to give referrals and reward them with discounts or cashback as an added incentive.

In addition, it often pays to analyze the typical profile of your average customer so that you can target a similar demographic with your advertising campaign.

Get Involved In The Community

Providing a janitorial business service will mean that you are often servicing your local community and it can help your business to get more involved, plus it can feel good to know that you are giving something back too.

Organize a local cleanup or offer your services for free at a local event.

This is often great publicity and you will find that your business reputation enjoys a boost when you engage with the local community.

Focus On a Vision for the Future

If you don’t have a specific business plan or any clear ideas as to where you want your business to be over the next few years it will probably be reflected in how your business operates.

In order to project a real air of professionalism to everyone, you do business with you need to have a business vision.

It’s far too easy to take your eye off the ball when you are busy servicing existing customers but in order to take things to the next level, you need to have a good idea of what your business will be doing in the future and how to get to that point.

Use Your Existing Knowledge

If your janitorial business has been running for a while and things are going well, you will have a fair insight into what your customers want and what they specifically like about your business.

If you have a unique selling point or have managed to develop a strong reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction you can use these strengths to attract new business in the confidence that you will deliver on your specific promises.

Another option to consider would be to ask your clients for feedback and see if there are any extra services that they would be interested in that you don’t currently offer. If that’s the case you will have an opportunity to expand and branch out, knowing that you might have a readymade customer base for these services.

You should never be happy to stand still in business and if you adopt a truly professional approach to every aspect of your services it should help you to move forward.

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