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5 Most Popular Employee Communication Tools of Today

Modern technology has changed everything about how Americans live, including how they work and communicate with fellow employees. That’s definitely a good thing. Adequate communication is the key to keeping employees engaged, productive, and happy. Here are five of the most popular communication tools for the workplace to jump on board with this growing trend.

Comprehensive Communication Platforms

Pronto is one of the most comprehensive employee communication tools available. It features real-time group and video chats, one-way announcements, message translation tools, file transfer and storage, organizational tools, and more. It’s also equipped with screen readers and dynamic text to ensure that all workers will be able to use it.

Employee Social Networks

Employee social networks can be spin-offs from normal social media networks like Facebook by Work. They can act as standalone applications like Yammer. They’re like the water coolers of virtual workplaces and are designed to provide online space for team-building activities like socializing that would go ignored on more serious platforms. Some organizations see employee social networks as unnecessary, but they’re great tools to have for encouraging communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools are software that allows more than one employee to access files, add feedback, or provide sign-offs on projects. Employee collaboration tools are cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere by multiple users simultaneously. These tools increase productivity among project managers, improve security, monitor tasks, and allow employees to have control over their documents.

Digital Signage

Digital signage allows managers to share important bulletins and information across entire teams without having to wait for them to open emails or retrieve printouts. They can be programmed using apps to share just about any kind of digital content with the whole office, or even multiple offices. Managers can schedule content changes in advance and implement emergency broadcast protocols to interrupt the scheduled program to share crucial information immediately with all the employees. The benefit of digital signage is that it acts independently from employees’ computers.

Video Chat Tools

Video chats are voice and video calls that occur over the Internet. Both workers and consumers are using them at increased rates this year. Common apps for video chatting include Skype and Zoom, but there are many good options out there, and many comprehensive employee communication platforms incorporate video chats. This feature gives team members who work from home or from a different office the opportunity to communicate more effectively with coworkers and participate more fully in the workplace.

Good video chat software won’t limit users to just two employees. It will also allow entire teams, clients, and even international business partners to participate in virtual meetings. While most employees collaborate most effectively face-to-face, that’s just not always a possibility. Video chatting bridges the gap when team members can’t have in-person meetings.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous options available when it comes to facilitating efficient employee communication in the office or across workspaces. Managers think the best solutions provide several venues for open communication. The ability to monitor and save progress, and features that make it easier to stay organized.

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