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Is Your Workflow Disturbed By These POS System Issues

In the past retailers used their cash registers and another point of sale (POS) equipment with pride. And why not? It did everything a forward-looking owner could want. Not anymore. Today, retailers have opted for the latest POS system for smooth transactions. Unfortunately, although the latest POS system is head and shoulders above their counterparts of yesteryear, IT problems can still happen.

Here is a list of POS system issues that can disturb business operations and what you can do about them. Solutions to these problems are available at Clientron.

POS Security

Just as is the case for nearly all technology, security is a primary concern for all POS equipment. A primary concern of POS security is the protection of sensitive credit card information of customers. No retailer should purchase any POS system that does not provide adequate security, especially hacker detection methods. It’s almost common today to hear stories of business failures that can be traced to a breach of customer data. There is no reason to let customers’ data fall into the wrong hands to purchase lower-cost POS equipment.

Charging Failure

It’s been a good day. Sales are good. Then, all of a sudden, the unimaginable happens. The smartphone you depend on to use as your mobile POS system fails thanks to a dead battery. Maybe it just failed. Maybe the battery died. Regardless of the reason, your smartphone is now a useless rectangle of plastic and composites. Every retailer should keep spare chargers and their cords ready, but who has time always to make sure? Having a full charge is important, especially if you are still on the move. A dead battery does nobody any good.

Reporting Inaccuracies

A digital POS system gives retailers the ability to have reporting analytics at their fingertips. When there is a problem, there could be a flaw in the system that leaves you in a severe bind. When a retailer has a reliable POS system, these kinds of problems are a thing of the past. The data is always accurate and timely.

User Problems

People will always have problems with new systems if they are not trained. Face it: some people have trouble with technology, especially technology that is new to them. This situation is especially true when it’s a system that nobody is familiar with.

These problems can be minimized when employees are given proper instruction on the operation of POS equipment. Once employees are experienced in using the equipment customers are checked out with ease. Happy employees and satisfied customers. What retailer could ask for more?

Software Issues

Good, reliable software in a POS system is a Godsend for any business. Unfortunately, when retailers opt for off the shelf POS systems, they realize it’s not suited to their business. As a result, these businesses experience technical issues with their software, which is often very difficult to diagnose and solve.

To avoid these problems, retailers must select software that is best suited to their needs, not a generic program. Generic software is usually less expensive and comes with lots of headaches.

Promotion Tracking

Another good reason to upgrade a POS system is for tracking and reporting of sales and promotional data. Since this “out of the ordinary” data falls outside of the realm of day to day sales activities, it often presents a problem for many POS systems that are more generic. The prime result of issues such as this is bad analytics, which does not help a business; it only harms it. This is why it is so important that when a POS system is selected, it is done after a careful analysis that meets the specific needs of a business. Further, any retailer who wants to upgrade their system must do so after working carefully with a qualified system integrator who knows how to fit the most appropriate system with the needs of an individual retailer.

Mobile Compatability

If there is anything that most retailing supervisors want to know is how business is at their office, regardless of where they are. This presents a severe problem for any retailer who does not have a POS system that offers mobile compatibility to keep tabs on sales at their company.

What good is having a Smartphone if there is no way to integrate the data from a POS when you are on the go? This type of rest restricts manager’s and owner’s ability to respond to the needs of their business when they are not onsite.


WiFi is fast becoming an integral part of life as any businessperson knows it. This is why it is so important that any owner or manager who is part of industries such as hospitality and retail be able to connect with the systems of their business at practically anytime, including POS systems.

Just as important as it is to have connectivity with reliable WiFi, the POS system must offer connectivity to the Internet to make it useful to offsite managers. Business people who have questions about POS systems and how they can benefit from them should contact a systems integrator or POS seller for more information.

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