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A New Way of Doing Business: A Look at Current Networking Strategies

A lack of exchange between different departments and teams can lead to real problems in any company. So that this doesn’t happen, this article will provide some practical tips for networking strategies. A well-coordinated team is essential for success. Communication between individual teams and across departmental boundaries is also extremely important.

If there is no adequate exchange here, everyone cooks their own soup, so to speak. This, in turn, makes coordination between teams unnecessarily complicated. To prevent this, it is helpful if each team has at least a rudimentary understanding of what the other teams are doing and, above all, how their own work directly influences the work of colleagues from other teams.

Why the Exchange Across Departments Is So Important When It Comes To Networking

This understanding is often lacking when the exchange across team boundaries takes place exclusively at the management level. Requirements can be easily communicated downwards, but understanding does not create them. But this is important for several reasons: Firstly, it helps to avoid mistakes that they have to be ironed out by another team. This creates frustration and can lead to further deterioration in communication between teams or departments in the future. In addition, it is ultimately more motivating to know the purpose of your own work within the design organization.

How Do Companies Improve Networking Exchange Across Team Boundaries?

Unclear hierarchies and a lack of knowledge about the structure of individual departments can make exchange between teams more difficult. Here, for example, an employee directory would be recommended so that everyone can quickly see who is the right contact for what. But individual managers are also responsible here. You have the task of providing your team with a clear definition of your own task in the company. If each team member is clear about the purpose of their own work, this can also be communicated to the outside world.

It may be that larger companies simply lack an overview of who you actually work with, especially when it comes to employees from other departments. Of course, that’s a lot of wasted networking potential… However, it has now partially penetrated into companies that a positive relationship within the workforce can also improve the working atmosphere (and with it, job satisfaction and productivity). This is how team-building measures were launched. But although it certainly welds together when this colleague is scrambled 5 feet above the ground, these measures usually remain a “one-time action”. An icebreaker yes, a continuous warming up – no.

When you step outside the front door, you can reach your neighbors and friends nearby via the street network because they are connected by streets. Roads and rails also take you much further – up to people in other countries. It is exactly the same on the Internet. All computers on the Internet and thus all surfers are connected to each other via internet lines (“highways”) of the data network. You can visit websites, write emails, meet in a forum, in a chat or in a community.

Topics Are Also Networked

If you visit a museum, you will find brochures and posters about other interesting exhibitions in other museums. This means that museums provide many exciting offers for you beyond where you are at now. There may also be flyers with cinema tips and addresses of swimming pools in the museum. There you can get information about amusement parks in the region. So, everyone is networked with each other.

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