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5 Tech Trends to Keep On Your Business Radar in 2017



Tech Trends to Follow in 2017


Technology is a tool and it can be the key to unlocking financial value. Both big and small companies prosper only when they combine technology with new and innovative ways of doing business.

Some interesting business tech trends are emerging right now, so let’s take a look at some of them.




Co-creation is not, by any means, something new and innovative, but the technology has moved it to a new level. Successful companies nowadays involve small business specialists, suppliers and independent contractors to shape the final product. This is only possible because of technology.

Companies can now delegate control to outsiders and outsource innovation to business partners. By doing this, companies reduce the costs of their final products and are able to launch their products on the market much faster.


Using Customers as Innovators


The Internet has evolved. Now, the Internet is a platform for communication, interaction, and even activism. Customers want to be engaged with one another, and luckily, they have the means to do so. For example, LEGO is a company that engages its customers in the right way. They invite their fans to submit their creations to LEGO Ideas website. If a customer’s creation is well received, LEGO makes it, credits its maker and even gives them the percentage of the sales.


Smart Machines


Smart machines are no longer a dream of a madman, they’re here, and they’re very real. Simply put, smart machines are different from old machines that we’ve programmed to execute mindless, dangerous and repetitive tasks over and over.

These machines are designed to communicate with people by using natural language. Some technologies such as Amelia, which was developed by IPsoft are built on cognitive agent capabilities, and they’re used as service desk support or call center support. Mind you, this tech is not considered to be artificial intelligence, but it is a step in that direction.

The only question about these technologies is should they pay taxes, since they are ‘’job-stealing robots’’, according to Bill Gates.


Virtual Workforce


Virgin conducted a survey in 2015, and according to it, 60 percent of office workers will regularly work from the safety of their homes by 2022. The rise of collaborations platforms and productivity apps such as Basecamp and Asana is proving that the trend of working from home is the future.

The greatest thing about this trend is overcoming geographical limitations by using virtual workforce. Who knows, maybe some guy in India or an employee of a small company somewhere in Europe is just the right person for the job rather than someone who’s just a mile away from you?

Of course, that doesn’t mean that any company will ever be entirely dependent on its virtual workforce. Having an office secured with a HID reader, alarms, and cameras, where employees can meet, discuss ideas and work without being affected by countless external distractions, will always be necessary.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems


Collecting and analyzing customer information has become important and more and smaller business realize that. CRM allows them to specify a goal and let the software handle the tasks such as publishing a single post to multiple social media platforms at the same time. By using CRM software, small businesses can cut their expenses and avoid hefty fees associated with using online marketing campaigns.

The more your business uses new and emerging trends, the more it will stay far ahead of the competition. Don’t be afraid to dip your toes into unknown waters, because it’s nearly impossible to progress without using new and exciting technologies. Run your company like a well-oiled machine. Use everything that the technology can offer you and you shall be rewarded.


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