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Composable Commerce: The Future of E-Commerce

Are you looking to leave your out-of-date tech behind? Modern opportunities are making it easy to phase out legacy systems and pave the way for the future of e-commerce. One such revolutionary approach is composable commerce. Deliver outstanding shopping experiences that far exceed the capabilities of monolithic platforms. This approach to e-commerce technology can take brands to new heights with improved flexibility, enhanced customization capacities, and more freedom.

What is composable commerce? It is a component-based solution providing brands with the ability to utilize both independent and interchangeable components within their system. This facilitates the creation of a customized stack capable of meeting the market’s ever-evolving demands by combining homegrown applications and best-of-breed services from third-party vendors.

As these components are mixed. They work to improve different parts of the user experience (UX), such as the search and checkout processes. This can help brands respond with flexibility to the seemingly constant shifts in expectations across channels and the UX. As the components are still independent of one another, brands are able to pick and choose functionalities best to fit the goals of their various business strategies.

Composable Commerce System

In addition to being component-based, a composable commerce system must also be cloud-native and tech-agnostic. This offers businesses the means to develop using various technologies rather than being bound by proprietary technology. It also offers infinite scalability by utilizing a cloud-native SaaS solution. Making it easier for businesses to manage the greater capacity and server demands of increased online performance and site traffic.

Implementing such a modular and adaptable approach can take a headless architecture to the next level and into the future of e-commerce. If you’d like to learn more about composable commerce and its benefits for e-commerce businesses, please see the accompanying resource from commerce tools for further information.

Infographic created by commercetools, a composable commerce platform company

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