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Simple and Secure Payment Options for Your Customers

At the moment, with the situation the whole world finds itself in, people are more cautious to spend money. People are losing their jobs left, right, and center and businesses are folding under at an alarming rate. This means that when you do find someone willing to part with their hard-working cash, you need to make the process of payment options as straightforward and as secure as possible.

Here, are some things that you can do to keep them there with their card in their hand.

Offer Your Customers a Range of Payment Options

Customers are becoming more and more demanding. They want more options when it comes to everything, including payment options. For some people, traditional methods such as credit and debit cards are the preferred option.

For others, Apple Pay and PayPal are the go-to. Make sure that you cater to as many as you possibly can. If you don’t, it makes you look less professional and less trustworthy as a business. If a customer has their money in PayPal and you don’t offer that option, what is going to happen? They are going to go elsewhere, of course.

Don’t Make them Create an Account

We get why you would want them to create an account, we really do. It makes pretty good marketing sense – you are gathering information about them and can send them carefully targeted information.

However, there is nothing more annoying than browsing, adding a few items to your cart, and being hyped for buying, to get to the payment page and having to create an account or sign in to be able to complete your purchase. It adds extra time to the process, some people don’t want to give unnecessary information and you can guarantee that next time they want to buy something they will have forgotten their username and//or password – and having to wait to reset is a hassle that no one needs.

Offer them the opportunity to create an account – regular customers will understand the benefits of doing this – but also give them the chance to purchase as a guest if that is what they would rather do.

Make Sure Your Site Is Safe & Secure

Everyone worries about their details getting stolen or using a scam website and losing money. You need to be able to provide the reassurance that you are the real deal and are legit and secure. Ensuring that your website has a secure sockets layer certificate is one thing that you can do to make sure customer details are safe and encrypted. You also need to make sure that any data that you hold about your customers is stored with the utmost care, particularly if you trade within the EU – the GDPR laws are pretty strict!

Infographic created by Fiserv, an omnichannel commerce company

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