The Importance of Goals

Imagine This

In a gameshow you participated, you won the jackpot. For the first time in your life, you have actually won something! However, this price is no ordinary price. This price is an opportunity. An opportunity to change your life for the better, forever.

You have been given the chance the meet with all the big achievers, wealthy and happy people of the world. You are given the opportunity to ask all of these people one question – any question you wanted to ask them.

Now imagine that you asked them if they could tell you one thing that you could do to achieve all of the success they are enjoying. Would you do as they suggest?

Do you have any idea what those successful people would have told you to do? In the past couple of years, the “secret” to success has become somewhat of an obsession to me.

Successful People

I have studied the lives of successful people and they all have certain things in common. There may be many things successful people disagree on, but it is certain that – when you would have the opportunity, they would all give you an answer similar to this:

You should never permit your circumstances to influence your thinking and your decision-making. Regardless of your current situation, you should proceed immediately to set a goal to do something so big and so exhilarating that it excites and scares you at the same time.

It must be a goal that dominates your thinking all of your waking hours. It must be so exciting that you can not get it out of your mind. You must set a goal for which you will willingly trade the days of your life. This will be a goal you must commit to.

Successful people believe that the importance of goals is the very foundation of success. There is a lot of information available about goals, but still – there seem to be only three or four people out of a hundred who properly select and then enjoy the achievement of such a goal – why? Why are there so few?

A Powerful Force

This may sound a bit corny, I know. The answer to the question of why a few people select a proper goal lies in a power that is continuously at work. Let’s call it a Negative Force. This force surrounds you wherever you go and hinders you from establishing such a goal.

This force is your environment – it’s the people you are surrounded by, also called the 97 percent group. 97% of the people in your environment will do everything in their power to hold you back.

The Negative Force keeps 97% of the world population wishing positive, but thinking negatively. Negative thinking causes people to focus on their weaknesses which ultimately causes them to give up on themselves.

This same Negative Force is also working inside of you. It is in every cell of your being and is referred to as mental conditioning.

The subconscious mind controls our behaviors, but because of negative mental conditioning, the subconscious mind will play all kinds of games with us to keep us locked into destructive habits. Mental conditioning is nothing more than a multitude of habits.

Think of a drug addict, for example. The subconscious mind of a drug addict is conditioned in a way that the person spends all of their time trying to collect enough money to purchase drugs. Drugs which they then inject into their bodies knowing it will kill a part of their brain.

Regardless of anything good they may have in their lives, their mind is so conditioned that there is nothing more important than their addiction. It is their conditioning, their habits that make them do what they don’t want to do. It keeps giving them what they don’t want to get.

Mental Conditioning Is a Powerful Force

The purpose of this article is to magnify the importance of goals so you can develop a Positive Force to fight back the negative ones. You are able to develop power within yourself, this power is called self-confidence. It can not come from outside, believe me – I have searched for it.

It has to come from within. Stop believing that you will be more confident once you drive that new car or wear the coolest outfits. That makes you feel good for a while, but it certainly is not confidence.

When you select a goal with the description I gave you, a goal that is worthy of you, you are already on your way to developing self-confidence (the Positive Force).

Push this through and follow the instructions in this article and I can guarantee you that you will get more confident, you will find success and even financial independence.

Subconscious Mind

The Positive Force is an inner resource that is unlimited available to us. A lot of people don’t reach for what they have inside of them because they are too busy looking for ways outside of themselves.

You might be shocked once you find out how much you can achieve if you but tried if you use what you have available. Most people don’t understand how much potential they have.

Not long ago I heard the story of David Goggins “The Toughest Athlete on Earth”. He experienced a horrible childhood, being constantly pushed and pulled by his environment.

He was always looking for confidence outside of himself by trying to make other people like him. Being overweight, scared and lacked any kind of self-esteem until he came to a point where he said ENOUGH!

He collected all his courage and joined the Navy SEALs. He worked unbelievably hard to change his life around.

In the process, he gained so much discipline that he became an “ultramarathon runner, an ultra-distance cyclist, and a triathlete”. It’s an amazing story, look it up.

David Goggins reconditioned his subconscious mind. He did not give up on his goals and as a result, he developed the Positive Force and beat back the Negative Force. People often give up on a goal because they would have to stretch.

Win Big

Stretching, for the most part, is uncomfortable, so they abandon the great idea or the goal. If you want to win – and win big – in life, you have to learn flexibility.

Everyone has a comfort zone determined by their conditioning. The important thing is to be willing to grow and to change. Succeeding in life may require you to do things that are uncomfortable. Do it anyway!

Remember the example of drug addicts I described? Most people go through life like drug addicts. Not in such extreme manners of course but in essence the same way.

The drug addict is constantly trying to collect enough money to buy drugs whereas most people try to collect enough money to pay bills.

Most people don’t really enjoy their job but are too afraid to change it. That’s why people try to get as comfortable as possible. “Failure is not the biggest enemy of success, conformity is.”

It was also my conditioning that kept me in my comfort zone for far too long. I believed that life is just the way it is, I had to accept that there is more to life than paying bills and build a comfort zone.

All I could do was wishing that I would hit a jackpot someday. But I have learned now that life is not just the way it is. I have learned that we don’t have to lose, we can win! The best thing about it is that it does not matter where you start. We can all reach the top and we can achieve it.

To reach the top you have to set a goal. You want to have a goal as I described. A goal to do something so big and so exhilarating that it excites and scares you at the same time.

It must be a goal that dominates your thinking all of your waking hours, it must be so exciting that you can not get it out of your mind. You must set a goal for which you will willingly trade the days of your life. It will be a goal you must commit to.

You must want something to change. Don’t limit your desires to what you think you can have.. give yourself a chance to dream and to risk. WHAT DO YOU WANT?! ‘Want’ is the big word here.

What Do You Want?

Wanting is a beautiful state of mind, wanting leads to dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction leads to creativity. If you want something bad enough you always find a way to get it don’t you?

You either find a way, or you find a reason. If you are not willing to do whatever it takes, you will find a reason to why you can not have it. Your subconscious mind always has a perfect excuse ready.

“When an Egyptian shepherd boy was given charge of a flock of sheep he was told, “the pool on the other side of the hill is for emergency use only, it’s water is limited, so don’t use it unless other sources dry up”. An extremely hot spill brought on the emergency so the boy led his flock to the pool.

The sheep drank from the pool all day long, but the water remained at its original level. The Shepherd investigated this strange situation and made a curious discovery; the pool was fed by an underground stream. As the water was removed from the top of the pool, the underground pressure was activated into streaming upwards. In other words: the pool had a constant and limitless source of supply.”

A person’s mental powers (Positive Force) and desires are also limitless. If that is true, the question is: why do so many people lead such limited lives?

The answer can be found in the story of the pool. Most people never investigate how much potential they have. They assume that tomorrow has to be as unsuccessful as today and accept this limitation.

As long as you accept self-limitation you will not be motivated to discover the opportunities that lay ahead of you.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Desire can open the door to your wealth. When you keep your eyes on your desires, they will eventually materialize for you. It may be pretty hard to keep your eyes on what you want when what want is so far from where you are.

NEVER GIVE UP!If you can hold it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” It may be natural for you to doubt what you are capable of but remember: when you look into what you want, you are already moving towards it.

The world is full of people who wish and wish for good. Because of a lack of persistence, they abandon their goals – often just before a breakthrough.

There are countless stories of people who gave up just a second too soon. They lose everything because they gave up minutes before the opportunity they needed came knocking on the door.

Keep your dreams alive! How do you do that? Well, create mental movies of your desired goal(s). It is just as easy to dream of owning a company as it is to dream of having a job. Build your own movies, see yourself as a winner, feel it, enjoy the feeling.

When you get discouraged in the process to create a movie in which you prevail. Create a movie that gives you a joyous feeling, because discouragement disappears in the presence of a joyous feeling.

Think back to your childhood. Can you see how wanting to affect your life? As you were growing up there were certain things you wanted; at some point, you wanted to learn how to walk, later on, you wanted to ride a bicycle.

Then you wanted to drive a car. The things you wanted, kept changing. As you experience success with smaller goals, you’ll notice that they will get bigger. Do you still have goals? How big is that thing you want now?

Setting large goals can strengthen your faith. When you set a large goal you might find yourself in a situation that you have no idea where to start. To actually start moving towards it requires a respectable amount of faith, faith that someday you will get there.

Also, since you don’t know how long it will take before you reach your goal, your faith must carry you through this journey. You have to believe in yourself – you have to believe that you can. Whether it is about physical, mental, financial or personal growth, pick the goal and start. NOW!

A Powerful Positive Force

So how do you create this power within yourself? How do you develop the Positive Force to beat back the negative one?

Goals reveal us to ourselves. They show us how much we think of ourselves, how much potential we think we have. When you absolutely refuse to give up on your goal in spite of a million obstacles in your way, you will see and appreciate your true self – you will see and appreciate the potential within yourself.

LOVE your goal, REALLY love it. When you are in love with someone, you are in sync or in harmony with them. In the same way, you will be in sync or harmony with your goal when you fall in love with it. A person going through a divorce is typically devastated and unbalanced for a period of time. The person who divorces their goal along the way may experience similar emotions. Rejecting your goal will mess up your life! Love your goal and stay with it, it gives you power.

Goals develop and strengthen your creativity and flexibility. Because you don’t know exactly how you will reach your goal it is important to remain flexible, be open to new ideas and suggestions. You should constantly be looking for new ways to achieve your goal.

The attainment of something is part of the goal-setting and achieving process but it is not the purpose of a goal. The attainment is such a small part of the process that it would be a shame to spend all your time and energy on something that is relatively fleeting. Especially given the fact that most people set such low goals for themselves. Goals provide much more than the attainment of that certain thing.

Everyone experiences challenges in their lives. Having a goal enables you to keep faith in the face of those challenges. Goals provide the hope and inspiration that you will need when the Negative Force attempts to beat you down and things get tough. When you take your eyes off your goal you will only see the obstacles that lie in front of you. Remember what Napoleon said: “I see only the objective, the obstacles must give way.”

Goals Will Make You Grow

Goals afford you the opportunity to grow. When you set a proper goal you will have to stretch, change your habits – which will alter the old conditioning. With a goal, you have the opportunity to feel better about yourself.

Apart from achieving the goal you set (which will feel awesome), you will feel better about yourself as you move towards it as well. You increase your knowledge and experiences, which will increase your confidence and self-esteem.

When your confidence and self-esteem are improving you will be able to reach the top. Goals provide a positive direction to your life, without a goal you just drift along. With a goal, circumstances, events, and that 97% group will get the best of you. With a goal you have direction, you’re on a mission, you’re alive!

If you don’t know where to start, start small. Choose a goal that is easy to obtain, something practical – like getting up in the morning without hitting the snooze button, or taking the bicycle to work instead of the car, or counting your blessings every single day – and take it from there.

Never permit your circumstances to influence your thinking and your decision-making. Regardless of your current situation, you should proceed immediately to set a goal to do something so big and so exhilarating that it excites and scares you at the same time.

It must be a goal that dominates your thinking all of your waking hours. It must be so exciting that you can not get it out of your mind. You must set a goal for which you will willingly trade the days of your life. This will be a goal you must commit to.

This article is based on a product from Bob Proctor whose work I have been studying a lot. Bob Proctor has studied the life of successful people way longer than I did. In his seminars, he shows people how to change their lives by changing their paradigms, and he is very thorough.

From October 20 to October 22 of this year, you can attend his seminar “Paradigm Shift” from behind your computer! Start your journey to success with a solid foundation. It is not an expense, it is an investment.

Until next time.

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