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Introduce yourself & tell us about Transparent Hands.

I’m Rameeza Moin and I am an educationist by profession. I have served the last 15 years in the field of education. I have done an MPhil in English Linguistics. Serving in the education field for so many years, I decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey and help the masses. This perception changed into reality and Transparent Hands came into being.

Transparent Hands is a Global crowdfunding platform that builds a Personal and trusted bond between patients & donors. This ensures complete transparency, one-to-one connection, and easy donation flow.

We bring donors from all over the world, ex-pats, foreigners, organizations, and local people. Our platform connects them directly to the patient and funds their treatments with the help of our participating hospitals.

What difficulties did you face when starting & how did you overcome them?

Since I had extensive experience in the field of education, entrepreneurship was no less than a challenge for me. In a country where women entrepreneurs are non-existent, I challenged myself to go against the odds.

People were quite reluctant to acknowledge what I stood for. However, despite their attitude, I opted for a way through which I could get to serve the community.

What inspired you to start Transparent Hands?

People in Pakistan are suffering from various chronic diseases which are becoming a matter of serious concern for the country. The prosperity of a country and its health conditions go hand in hand. Pakistan, a Third World country, has to struggle hard to meet the budget deficits. Still, the situation has gotten worse and with each passing day, we are going down.

As a result, scarcity of proper education or health facilities is producing a weaker nation. I had seen my mother who is a doctor and remained the CMS of Punjab Social Security Hospital for many years working selflessly to provide the best healthcare to the laborers working in the factories and mills.

She is the pioneer of the first 600-bed hospitals for workers in Asia. Her commendable efforts compelled me to take a step for humanity. Thus, I realized that we need to stand up for ourselves & for our problems which ignited the spark in me to start this business venture.

How is Transparent Hands different from other NGOs?

Transparent Hand is a unique initiative working to bring transparency to charitable causes. It is no less than an honor to be the pioneer organization that has brought crowdfunding to the health sector of Pakistan which gives us a competitive edge.

Moreover working in the health sector specifically catering to surgeries and providing complete transparency to the donors about their donation amount is also a unique aspect of our business.

What are the strengths & weaknesses?


Established Service, Local Knowledge, Staff with Personal experience, Good Partnership Base, Good Fundraising skills, Experienced and fully trained staffing team and good internal culture, Innovative web portal, Transparency, One-to-one connection between patients and donors.


Limited Funding Streams for our cause, Limited marketing sources, Large reserve that funds emergency work make the urgency of ‘asking’ difficult

By making extensive marketing strategies and their implementation could convert all these weaknesses into strengths. The more people can learn about our cause, the more they will contribute towards making it our strength.

What is the future goal for Transparent Hands?

Our long-term goals include extending our services to the education sector of Pakistan. Currently, we are focused on treating the patients and trying to cater to as many cases as we can but eventually, we have planned to move on to the education side.

What three skills are needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

In my view, persistence, hard work, and a do-it attitude are the top three skills that matter the most in becoming a successful entrepreneur. You cannot be a successful entrepreneur if you lack a single trait among these.

How are you marketing Transparent Hands?

These are the following ways through which we are currently marketing our business:

Holding regular large-scale events that would generate publicity and donation revenue for Transparent Hands.

Establish relationships with large grant trusts and corporate benefactors.

Increase community involvement and awareness through student ambassador programs.

Creating brand awareness among society for fundraising

Implementing social media strategy.

Targeting corporate chains to bring them on board as our recurring donor

Until now, the most successful form of marketing has been through reaching out to huge corporations to bring them on board as our recurring donors. A lot of companies have not just shown their interest in working with our cause but most of them are now our recurring donors.

How are you building a successful customer base?

A successful customer base can be built by providing the best possible services to your customers and ensuring that their needs are being met. At Transparent Hands, it is make sure that our donors are satisfied with our services and that they get transparency at every level which makes them do more good for our community.

Who is Your Greatest Inspiration?

My greatest inspiration has always been Abdul Sattar Edhi. He is a man who has worked selflessly all his life in serving the underprivileged citizens of our country and this is what makes him the most philanthropic and respectable person in the country.

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