Digital Asset Exchange Binaryx Overview: Tokenization Platform

Binaryx is a legitimate European digital asset exchange. It was created in 2019 and registered in Tallinn (Estonia. Despite being relatively new, the project has proved to be a reliable and progressive platform for cryptocurrency transactions. The platform offers extensive functionality and advanced products for transactions with fiat and digital assets. The service is suitable for both professional and non-professional traders. This digital asset exchange allows carrying out crypto transactions with a low commission and is totally safe. The company’s offices are located in Estonia and Ukraine. 

Binaryx offers a variety of streamlined tools, and the team is constantly working to improve the project, broaden the existing services, and expand the available functionality. One of the most significant updates is the recent introduction of the revolutionary tokenization platform.

Let us go deeper into the Binaryx features and advantages.

General Information: Features & Advantages

Binaryx is a feature-rich ecosystem with trading and exchanging go hand in hand with learning and monetizing crypto skills. The exchange maintains a diversified approach to working with fiat and digital currencies.

The trading service features operational versatility, enhanced security, and a reliable algorithm of work. Users also appreciate a user-friendly and scalable interface, simple transaction procedure, and advantageous terms of collaboration. Other privileges and benefits include:

  • Intuitive navigation and convenient design.
  • Availability of the most popular fiat assets and digital coins and the constant addition of new trading pairs.
  • Innovative approach and responsive professional support.
  • Free training materials and educational programs for everyone.
  • Own liquidity (availability of stocks of digital and fiat funds) and high trading limits.
  • The ability to communicate with real traders and the openness of the development team.
  • Confidentiality and minimum registration requirements.

In addition, one of the main features of Binaryx is ultimate safety. The service provides the opportunity to undergo extended verification for increased security and enhanced protection. The security options include two-factor authentication (2F), verification of the user’s identity (KYC), and anti-phishing code.

Products, Tools & Solutions

Binaryx offers much more than traditional instruments. In order to use all the available functionality to the fullest, you need to register on the service — create an account using e-mail or log in through a profile on a social network. 

One way or another, the main purpose of Binaryx, for now, is the ability to trade and exchange. And to deliver this option, the platform offers two modules — for quick exchange and professional trading. The choice between them depends on the goals and preferences of the user. There are also such products as a cryptocurrency wallet, an information blog, an educational Academy, and White Label solutions into the bargain.

Fast Exchanger

This module is created to exchange fiat and digital funds. The user needs to select a currency pair and enter the conversion amount to calculate the commission. At the moment, the exchanger supports six crypto assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ripple) and five fiat currencies (US dollar, euro, hryvnia, ruble, pound). You can deposit and withdraw money using credit and debit cards, bank transfer — SEPA, or your crypto wallets.

Trading Terminal

This module is the best solution for full-fledged trading and making money on the dynamics of the rates. It is equally great for professional and non-professional investors as it has an understandable and customizable interface. Among the accessible features and functions are a real-time chart, order book, a list of transactions, markets to trade, the Trading view mapping, the charting system. Spot trading is currently available on the platform. Margin & futures trading is expected shortly.

Crypto Wallet

In order to trade, exchange, buy, sell, you need to have an electronic wallet, the balance of which will be replenished. A separate vault is created for each digital or fiat asset. There are no restrictions, it is convenient and completely free. Crypto wallets are designed not only to save money but also to sell and buy coins, perform other operations, track activity, deposit and withdraw funds. 

Binaryx Academy

Binaryx Academy is an educational project that offers free courses on digital assets and trading. They are divided into three levels by difficulty — beginner, middle, and hero. Everyone can choose a program for themselves, depending on their experience and goals.

White Label

These solutions are great for those who want to start their own cryptocurrency business. Binaryx allows launching crypto projects using ready-made products, instruments, and all functionality. This includes customization of the terminal for smart trading, a developed exchange module, own liquidity, admin panel and analytics, analysis and control solutions, and so on.

Binaryx Tokenization Platform

One of the latest major releases is the implementation of the tokenization platform. Asset tokenization is a dynamically developing tendency in various segments of finance that allows companies to digitize stocks, products, and other assets for listing on crypto exchanges and distributing among users. Thus, Binaryx has released a tokenization platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses to tokenize their assets to attract investment from private investors around the world.

The first case of business tokenization on the Binaryx service is the Genius Marketing project — one of the biggest suppliers of the EdTech programs in Eastern Europe. The company strives to become a global educational platform and attract users around the world. Tokenization will accelerate extension, simplify the process, and help bring business to the global market. Genius Marketing’s estimated worth is about $8 million, and 10% of assets are going to be tokenized on the Binaryx platform. The company expects to raise $800 000 to $1000 000. 

According to experts, tokenization could unlock trillions of euros to raise liquidity, turning the financial industry into a much cheaper and inclusive environment. By 2026, the tokenization market is projected to grow to $7 billion, and 10% of the world’s $10 trillion GDP will be converted into crypto assets over the next ten years. Asset tokenization has every chance to transform the world financial market and change the crypto industry in the coming years. 

Binaryx is eager to be at the forefront of this transformation by developing its tokenization platform and broadcasting tokenization services for small and medium entrepreneurs. 

You can sign up for Binaryx on their website.

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