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How to Generate Leads for Your Startup

Strategies to Generate Leads for Your Startup

Startups deal with a lot of competitors and cash flow problems in their first year. This needs to be reflected in the marketing strategy. A startup should try to generate leads and fight its way into new markets whenever it can.

This can be difficult for a growing company because the leads need to scale up as your business does. This means what was a good conversion rate just a few months ago isn’t going to cut it anymore if your company has grown.

In order to fix this, you need to have a long-term strategy that can be modified based on your new needs.

Social Media

The easiest and the least expensive way to promote your company and create new leads is to use social media.

It isn’t enough for your company to be present in them or to react to every trend. Social media profiles need to provide valuable and interesting information in order to create traffic to your site.

A good thing about using social media is that you can easily change and adapt the strategy that has proven to be ineffective.

Have in mind that using social media in such a way requires a lot of manpower and it isn’t good enough to have a lot of copywriters. The copy itself needs to be good.

A/B Testing to Generate Leads

A/B testing is a very simple concept and it’s one of the most useful and helpful marketing tricks out there.

It’s basically about creating two different copies of your ad and waiting to see which one does better with the audience.

Sometimes, these changes between the two are minor, but they could really make a difference in terms of leads.

It doesn’t mean that you need to discard one of your ads. A lot of times, the ad that wasn’t generating a lot of traffic can be used to generate different types of engagement, which is also prudent.

The Industry

Businesses often think of lead generation as appealing to potential clients directly.

This can be true in some cases and social media can be of great help with this, but more often than not, companies should try to appeal to the customers within their inner circle and their own industry.

Focusing on B2B lead generation is often less expensive and more profitable than going directly to the consumers.

Having a few bigger customers from your industry is also a safe option as it can help you survive your first year of doing business, which is often the hardest part.

Call to Action

The so-called call-to-action buttons are the most important parts of your site. They should be easy to notice and easy to use.

These buttons need to clearly state what their purpose is, for instance, “sign up” is a much better choice than “click if you want to make more money”.

It’s also important for the call-to-action buttons to lead to a simple sign-up process. You don’t want to bother the customer by filling in too many forms and providing too much unnecessary information.

In the end, if you promise not to send a lot of e-mails – stick to that promise.

A Better Offer

It isn’t enough to be clever with your ad copy or to have a lot of shining buttons that will distract and engage the clients.

All of these tricks help but they are not what creates leads and revenue. In order to do so, you need to have a better offer for your clients.

The offer you’re providing doesn’t have to be less expensive than the ones from your competitors but it needs to provide some additional value that none of them can provide. That’s the only thing that will keep the customers coming.

Remarketing In Order to Generate Leads

Generate leads are important but they shouldn’t be the end of your marketing efforts.

More often than not, the visitors will leave your site without making a purchase. They could be brought back with a well-crafted remarketing campaign.

These campaigns are supposed to address the problem that the visitor has had with your site and therefore the company.

This means that they shouldn’t be generic but written after careful consideration and with specific goals in mind.

A startup needs to have a comprehensive campaign for generating new leads and expanding the business. It needs to take into account the technology your clients use and the needs of the demographic you’re targeting.

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