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10 Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2021

What ad networks to choose from when it comes to monetizing your website traffic? It is pretty hard to give a definite answer. We want to make it easier for you though by collecting key information about 10 ad networks most well-known in the market. Here is the list of evaluation criteria:

  • Variety of profitable ad formats
  • Number of geos covered
  • Different devices support
  • Referral and bonus programs 
  • Trustworthy advertisers 
  • High CPM
  • Flexible payouts 
  • Dedicated support 

Now let’s dive right into it!


MGID can be considered a pioneer in the native ad networks market. They have been working since 2004. Publishers can choose two monetization options when working with the network: already well-known traffic monetization or visitors recirculation. The latter concept means sending traffic to other websites, who in turn will send traffic back to yours. For this one of the following ad formats (here named widget formats are to be used: in-and under-article, sidebar, header, mobile, in-content impact, and more.

The obvious advantages of the network include support for more than 70 languages and exclusive partnerships with world premier publishers. Add to this high RPM and robust analytics alongside AI-based algorithms that help webmasters achieve their monetization goals in the smartest way.


Galaksion is an international ad network that creates a direct connection between advertisers and publishers. Under no circumstances will the traffic webmasters are willing to monetize be resold. This principle allows the network to keep CPM rates always high for their partners. The company has its own base of trustworthy advertisers and works with all kinds of mainstream offers.

As a publisher, you can be sure that all the ads on your website are clean and reviewed. Galaksion provides a variety of efficient ad formats from innovative browser notifications to classic pops, coverage of more than 160 goes, and different device support. Every publisher is assigned with a dedicated personal manager who is one text away ready to help.


RevenueHits advertising network has its own database of direct advertisers. That is why, working with them, publishers have a chance to get the best possible rates without overpayments. In addition, the network guarantees a 100% fill rate, so that you can get the maximum profit from displaying ads on your site. Bonuses will also come from automatic optimization and 2 billion impressions in different geographic locations every day.  

Not all advertising networks offer such a variety of advertising formats as RevenueHits. Publishers can choose whatever works better for their website: Display Banners, Popunder, In-Page Push, Button, Footer, Floating Banner, and even more.

Also, network partners can track daily statistics of such indicators as impressions, clicks, eCPM, and revenue per customer time.


Adsterra is a common AdSense alternative for publishers. This ad network offers an advertisers base as big as 12000, an approval as fast as 10 minutes, and a 100% fill rate for maximum efficiency.  

In Adsterra webmasters can work through a Self-Serve Platform being completely independent of managers and controlling all the necessary statistics and settings themselves. However, if there is any difficulty faced by a publisher, it is easy to get in touch with the personal manager and get all the answers and support one might need. 

The selection of ad formats here includes Popunder, Social Bar, Push, Native, Video ads, and Banners. These claim to be bringing high CTR and revenue thanks in part to fraud detection and anti-Adblock systems.


AdReactor is an experienced team of professionals who are ready to show publishers of any level a way to monetization. Any level here, among others things, include global coverage and any kind and amount of traffic. The only restriction is the lack of adult and other inappropriate content on the monetized website. 

Every month the network provides its partners with 5 billion impressions and more than 100 million unique users. Combined with direct exclusive advertisers this is likely to bring great revenue. What also works in favor of high eCPM rates is RTB demand and advanced automatic optimization.


Adskeeper is an ad network or, as they position themselves, an ad recommendation platform. The company has been on the market since 2013 and successfully works with both mainstream and adult verticals. The network specializes in Native ads and Push recommendations, and there is also a more original format of widget ad types that can be optimized for an individual website. 

Working with Adskeeper, you can choose from two suggested cooperation schemes: self-served or fully managed monetization. In the first case, the publisher controls the process independently, and payouts happen automatically. In the second case, a personal manager will take care of everything, including the optimization of advertising campaigns. 

Finally, the platform has a referral program for partners and cash bonuses for new customers.


AdMaven is an advertising network with more than 15 years of experience. The main mission of the company is to constantly increase the profit of its partners from advertising, while not sacrificing the quality of the user experience. 

The ad networks provide an easy-to-use Self-Service Platform for publishers. To start monetizing website traffic, you only need to register and get a special partner code. 

Admaven works with more than 60 categories of offers from advertisers, including adult ones. All advertising campaigns are carefully filtered, so you don’t have to worry about the security of the site’s content. The most profitable format for webmasters is traditionally pop-under, but the network team guarantees a high CTR along with eCPM also for Push Notification, Interstitial, and Banner formats.


PropellerAds is an ad network best known for working with push notification (aka native subscription) traffic, which is claimed to be the most profitable option for both desktop and mobile devices. However, publishers can also choose to monetize their traffic through onclick ads, interstitials and smart links. 

Working with PropellerAds, webmasters can expect impressive CPM rates for US and UK geographic locations and worldwide. Moreover, all the vital numbers can be seen in the detailed real-time report or with the help of the personal manager. What can as well attract publishers are automatic weekly payouts with the minimum withdrawal as small as $5.


Runative is a self-service platform for publishers. Here one can create, manage and optimize all the campaigns with no extra assistance. It is great to feel in control of every single campaign setting, however, the ad networks assign a personal manager to every client just in case. 

With the help of Runative you can monetize website traffic via push, native, banner and video ad formats. The platform offers weekly payouts through various methods including bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal is $100. There is also an engaging referral program with a 5% of the publisher’s lifetime commission.


Outbrain creates native recommendation ads for thousands of advertisers including the world leading brands. The present format solutions for publishers are video, smartfeed, optimization engine and native ad server. Outbrain is open to partnership with high-quality publishers of all sizes but the website has to be carefully reviewed first. 

Outbrain supports all kinds of devices, also offering unique optimization tools and real-time reporting API. 

In case passing a relatively strict verification process, advertisements made with the help of Outbrain boost in CTR and other parameters bridging stable revenue to both advertisers and publishers.

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