Agile DevOps

What Business Owners Need to Know About Agile DevOps

Did you know 50 percent of businesses in the US are now using external and internal Agile DevOps services? Some business owners hear the term DevOps and think that this concept is just too hard & expensive for them to take on. In reality, this methodology can be easily adopted without breaking your budget.

A recent report found that companies using DevOps were able to deploy software up to 200 times faster than their competitors. These companies were also able to save more money and spent half as much time fixing security and functionality issues.

Often times, this lack of issues can be attributed to the close monitoring of Python logs during the software development process. Since DevOps success hinges on continuous testing and teamwork, finding problems during the development process is much easier.

In the past few years, business owners have started to incorporate Agile methodologies into the DevOps process. Agile focuses heavily on customer feedback and collaboration. Agile DevOps can help a business build high-quality software in a relatively short amount of time.

Read below to find out more about Agile DevOps and how it can benefit your business.

Speeding Up the Software Development Process

One of the main concerns business owners have when taking on a large-scale software development project is staying on time and under budget. Using both Agile methodologies and DevOps, delivering quality software ahead of schedule is a real possibility.

In the ever-changing world of technology, businesses have to respond to the needs of their customers. Being able to create new programs based on current technology trends is essential for the long-term success of your business. This is why using Agile DevOps during the development process is so important. When used correctly, Agile DevOps turns your team into a well-oiled machine capable of producing new programs at lightning-fast speeds.

Rapid Delivery is Essential

Some business owners immediately think that speeding up the software development process means a lower-quality finished product. The beauty of Agile DevOps is these methodologies place a priority on things like continuous testing and innovation. Your team will be able to find and fix bugs before the new program is released.

The main focus is to provide your team with the tools to test and alter software programs in a hurry. Your team can find errors in your code w/ retrace error monitoring. You won’t have to worry about functionality issues once the program is released.

A Formula for Success

Creating a piece of software that is useful and popular should be one of your main goals. When your business gains popularity you will need to scale your existing operations. If you are utilizing the power of Agile DevOps, scaling will be much easier.

These methodologies provide you and your team with a template for success. At its core, DevOps is about both collaboration and automation. Being able to automate certain parts of the software development process is crucial when trying to build more programs in a shorter amount of time. You will also need to use infrastructure as code to manage the tasks involved in creating production environments and testing the finished software product.

Having a series of different production environments in place will allow your developers to build new programs faster than ever before. Continuously improving and updating your approach to Agile DevOps is the only way to stay relevant in the highly-competitive world of software development.

Improving Team Morale

As most experienced software developers will tell you, they work alone on most projects. This can not only affect a developer, but it can also lead to their employer suffering as well if the quality of their work starts to drop off. If you adopt Agile DevOps, increasing office morale will be a breeze due to your team’s ability to collaborate with each other.

It is important for people to feel like they are a part of a team and not just working on their own. By increasing the level of collaboration in your workplace, you can also help employees develop relationships with one another. Before pairing your developers up, take some time to assess the strengths and weaknesses. Ideally, you want to put developers who complement each other together. Doing this can help you increase productivity levels, which in turn will help grow your bottom line.

Persist Through the Growing Pains

The biggest mistakes business owners make when it comes to adopting Agile DevOps is giving up too early. You need to realize that it will take some time for your team to adopt these methodologies completely. Being persistent will pay off in the long run due to the increased efficiency you can gain from this new approach to software development.

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