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5 Essential Components of a Good Security System

Guarding a property when no one is there is crucial today, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The latest technology like IP cameras & remote monitoring makes it easier to watch over property when it’s empty. You can easily set up a security system but you would want to make sure you install everything for security. If you need a security system to monitor your property, make sure you have all these components.

Hidden Security System Cameras

Security cameras are only good as long as they’re working correctly.

A security system will include at least some covert cameras that burglars will not easily spot. A professional can handle covert camera installation.

It may be a good idea to look into IP cameras for this as it can be viewed remotely. The property owner logs into the camera’s app or website, then observe precisely what’s happening.

When purchasing security cameras visibility is key so suspects can be easily identified. They are becoming less expensive.

Always test it out to see the quality of the video and ensure they provide excellent coverage throughout the property.

Visible Security System Cameras

While burglars can disable cameras they can see, there’s still a place for CCTV monitoring in a good security system.

CCTV record all day and night and the footage can be seen at a later stage on a local system.

Most systems will save the footage that’s recorded even if something happens to the camera, so they can allow a close-up look of anyone who is breaking into the property and trying to disable the camera.

Alarm Monitoring

Cameras are great for getting footage of a break-in, but they’re not very helpful when it comes to alerting the authorities that there is an issue.

If the company or property owner can monitor their home then it is considered a good alarm system. Many monitored alarms can detect someone getting into a building as well as fire or other issues so that immediate assistance can be obtained.

Monitored alarms are set up with an access control system to detect any unauthorized access.

If the alarm detects something they can alert the authorities and property owner as soon as possible.

Motion Sensors

A good security system is going to have motion sensors throughout the property to detect movement when no one is there.

If movement is detected then the alarm is set off and the cameras start recording. The police will be notified and can take action.

Property owners can check the scope of the motion sensor to ensure they have plenty to cover the entire building. Full coverage inside the building helps ensure an alarm is sounded no matter how the burglar gets inside.

Glass Break Detectors

Shattering glass has a specific frequency that can be picked up by special sensors.

Glass detectors are placed near all glass doors and windows in the building. This provides full coverage in case burglars try to break a window to avoid setting off a motion detector.

They are easy to install and can be used on their own or set up with a monitored alarm system. When used alone, they provide a loud alarm that anyone inside the building can hear.

Consider what elements you should have for your security system to make sure your property is as secure as possible when you can’t be there.

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