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Artificial Intelligence is Making Life Easier

Artificial intelligence is something that we all associate with science fiction. It’s a cool notion, but we’re far away from having our real-life Commander Data or using it every day, aren’t we? Well, actually, that’s not true.

AI is going strong, and there’s a good chance that you are already using it on a daily basis. When you last tagged someone in a photo on Facebook, that was AI at work. It runs facial recognition software to identify the people in the photo. And sure, it’s not always accurate, but this is just one example.

Another example is where you see products recommended for you on a site. These recommendations are based on AI analyzing a range of factors to find the perfect match for your needs. The list goes on and on.

AI & Its Uses

Your self-driving car or unmanned UAVs are other examples of applications made possible by AI. The applications can be serious or more of a novelty item. For example, Japan is making big strides in the robotic pet industry.

The Japanese are working on creating pets that can feel human emotions as well. The potential goes a lot further than a furry companion, though. In the United States, you can buy what amounts to a robotic sex doll that can carry a simple conversation.

Naturally, at the moment, most applications are business-related. It is here that the tech can really shine. Automation offers companies a way to cut costs, improve productivity, and reduce errors.

Artificial intelligence at present is more advanced than it has ever been, and as it advances, it learns more. We see a future where we become increasingly dependent on AI to improve our lives. AI offers us the opportunity to automate tasks that would typically take a lot of concentration.

It really has the potential to make life a lot simpler for us.

For more information on the growing trends in the AI industry, check out the infographic below.

AI Statistics About Smarter Machines

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